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If you want to walk far, walk together.

Cooperation with Mainau island

What can be better than an expert? An entire team, naturally!

It gives us great pleasure to announce our partnership with Mainau GmbH. We are linking bellissa’s horticulture competence with the expertise of the Mainau gardeners, setting out on new adventures with combined strengths.

Both companies want to ensure generational equity and think and act for the long term: economically, socially and ecologically. We are convinced that only a sustainable economic approach can survive long term. This is exactly why we are almost made for one another and are looking forward to the future and many mutual projects!

The recommendation of our Mainau experts

Product advisor

You are still undecided which product suits your plant best?
No problem! We have summarised a few examples for you!


Feel! Smell! Taste!

Live & in colour: Inalto

Experience our new vertical raised beds at Mainau island.

As part of the "Year of Basil 2022", the Mainau gardeners planted 48 varieties of basil. For this purpose, our INALTOs were set up on Mainau island and filled with the different basils. The popular pesto herb presents itself in its enormous diversity: green, red and black as well as with different leaf patterns. 

The kitchen classic and bee magnet feels particularly at home in our raised bed!


We are there

Tomato Roundel exhibition

In 2023 from 14 - 21 August everything revolved around the tomato in Platanenweg 5 on Mainau island, where the tasty fruit was on display in its many variations. The exhibited tomato plants were once again supported by our bellissa tomato spirals and tomato towers.

On a 2 m round table over 500 different varieties of the tasty fruit were on display supported and explained by Mr Tomato himself, Michael Schick.