Valuable topsoil made from kitchen and garden waste

Waste? What waste?

Actually, there is no waste in your garden. At least not if you are using a bellissa composter. It will turn the remains of flowers, lawn cuttings and vegetables into valuable topsoil – which means a natural fertiliser that stores water and increases the fertility of your soil. 

If you follow a few simple rules, you can very easily create your own good quality compost without bad smells. Your composter is best placed in a shady and easily accessible spot – but not necessarily on the patio or under a window and in all cases at a decent distance from your neighbours. As to size, use the following example to get an idea: A composter with content space of about one cubic metre is enough for an about 290 square metre sized garden with lawn, flowerbeds and vegetable beds. 

And here’s another tip:
Garden compost does not usually kill off seeds and suckers from weeds and other undesirable plants. Certain plant diseases may also be spread via compost. Any garden waste carrying those risks is best disposed of in the compost waste bin. An ideal plan, by the way, is the parallel use of two composters. In this way, you can empty one in spring and straight away put the other one to use.


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